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Farland Wars Review

Farland Wars is a text-based collectible card game where players are entrusted with various missions to save the world. Along their adventure, they purchase necessary weapons, slay monsters, gather the most powerful team of heroes and form alliance with friends to battle bosses.

In this game, playable cards consist of hero cards starring formidable creatures or charming female characters, which differ in their health, attack and defense, and material cards, with which players can upgrade the heroes and thus enhancing the attributes.

As is always the case, cards are obtained through completing missions. Those missions consume nothing but energy and require repeated implementations before they are completed. Accordingly, most of the time players spend in this title includes only tapping Execute button and Redo buttons for as many times as the remaining energy allows. There are times when the missions cannot be done, in which case players need to purchase specific weapons with the gold they receive after fulfilling missions before they could proceed to that mission.

Players can challenge each other in the Battle section where only those approximately the same level are being listed and they could also gather a group of friends to confront the Bosses. Regrettably, neither the PvP battles nor the PvE ones offer rich animations. For example, in the asynchronous duels against other players, only two cards are displayed and take turns in enduring damages while few turns later the battle is complete, without ever requiring player’s intervention or participation.

Accordingly, the key to be victorious is to deploy the most power heroes and level up and power up them. To that end, players must then follow the missions, level up, unlock more quests and obtain more and more advanced hero cards and when need arises, purchase epic or rare cards with real money.

That in turn leads to the ridiculously quick consumption of the energy, which recovers over time and gets refilled upon levelup. Further enough into the game, players would now and then suffer from the shortage of energy, in which case they cannot continue the missions and could only wait for the slow recovery or pay real money for instance refills.

Despite its original inclusion of two distinctive game elements, Farland Wars seems to have gone the wrong way. It is admittedly natural that few visuals are expected from a text-based title but the embracing of CCG element, where both visuals and collections themselves are supposed to be the core delights, turns out only to reduce the fun that either element could have created. And when that is coupled with the omnipresent and unfailingly tedious energy system as well as the seemingly endless mission redoing, it leaves one wonder if the game holds any allure at all.

Google Play Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tau.game.farlandwarkabam

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