Dungeon Quest

Dungeon Quest Review

Dungeon Quest, not to be mistaken for G-Gee Game’s arcade action game bearing the same name, is a RPG where players explore dungeons, fight against all kinds of villains and monsters, claim random drops, and confront powerful bosses.

Currently only wizard and warrior are available with one more class allegedly coming soon. Certainly, each of the classes has their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, the wizard, who deals long-range magical attack, couldn’t take many damages and therefore is frustratingly vulnerable especially when hordes of monsters come to attack him; while the warrior, who excels at short-range fights using his sword, on the other hand, would be unable to shun the toxic gas randomly released after they break barrels in efforts to claim more weapons, potions and other items.

Controls in the game cannot be more familiar. With the joystick at left bottom, players are to move their characters (a player can only own one character and for additional ones he or she has to purchase with real money), and the Attack button, Skill button and potion buttons at bottom right are used to launch attacks or replenish the character’s HP or MP.

Those familiar controls didn’t leave players at ease due to a lack of automatic targeting. Players’ view change as the protagonist moves to different locations and no perspective change is allowed despite of the 3D animations. Players could not tap an enemy and then launch attacks – they have to use the joystick to change the protagonist’s position and the direction in which he faces. And therefore no matter one would like to crack open a barrel from distance or attack an approaching enemy, he or she has to slide their fingers in the joystick section to face the object first. And problem arises. One can never change the direction without moving the character and that movement in turn calls for further adjustments of the direction. Obviously, it is very demanding to do the accurate aiming with merely finger sliding.

The game, at its heart, provides an engaging dungeon exploring experience. Players enter each level, battle enemies, pick up drops and find the portal through which they can proceed to the next level. Not only the maps are randomly generated (you explore different maps even if you enter the same level twice or for more times), the drops, including the weapons and skill items, differ considerably. There are no two identical weapons. Even at the same level and of the same type, they can still be different in the attributes they contribute to. For example, a rare staff might increase the critical damage and spell resistance or increase the character’s health and attack speed. There is no set pattern of map and players may often encounter dead-ends before they find the portal while the build-in mini map only shows the nearby paths instead of the whole map of the current dungeon level.

It takes some strategies to deal with the dungeon crawls. Monsters not only appear in various forms, they also launch attacks in assorted ways. For example, some quickly hide behind the protagonist and stab him in the back, some let off toxic gas, while others create identical enemies that inflict damages on the protagonist. It is advisable to prioritize targets to survive waves of attack. In confrontations with bosses, players probably die many times before they figure out the safest way of claiming the bosses’ lives and at the same time keeping themselves alive.

Dungeon Quest comes with exciting adventures, a large selection of weapons and gear, yet also demanding (or inconvenient, we could safely say) targeting controls. It brings enthralling challenges for hardcore games and casual players alike.

Google Play Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.shinybox.smash&hl=en

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